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Women never cease to amaze me. They will do some pretty crazy shit in order to lift some stuff at my store. I run a clothing store that also has lots of accessories. I have caught mature women, that really should know better, trying to steal my products in some of the craziest of ways.

Just last week a caught a mother I’d like to fuck trying to steal some lingerie. High-end stuff. She basically left the panties and bra she wore into the store in the dressing room and figured I wouldn’t look up her skirt to retrieve my own product. Who did she think she was kidding? I jumped at the chance to see up her skirt and ended up threatening to call the cops. She made a sweetheart deal with me. She’d blow my cock in exchange for not calling the cops and letting her have the lingerie. Oh, and she left me her used panties so that I could have a little trophy to remember her by. What a slut!

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