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When it comes to porn the male pornstars are not stars, they are merely actors. It’s the girls that are the pornstars.

I see these days they mention the name of the male pornstars far more often than they used to and still it is seldom. So when a male pornstar can claim the right to the name “pornstar”, is renowned for his work, has his own site that sustains itself through the popularity of his work then you know the guy is a legend in the industry.

It is thus that I can admit that I envy James deen to a degree and that is quite the thing because I seem to completely lack the traits I see so often in everyone else in that I never idolise and I mean ever.

I can admire someone’s skills but never in my life have I idolised anyone whatsoever, never even once have I been starstruck and that still holds true in this case. But I do admire the man for what he has achieved.

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